Tips for a Fantastic Container Garden

Also known as pot gardening, container gardening is the act of growing varying plants which range from edible to decorative plants. This is done in portable containers of different sizes. It is a fun method of gardening that is mostly practiced in urban areas where land that would otherwise be used for agriculture has been used to construct residential or commercial buildings. Container gardening saves a lot of space. All you need are a few tips to get you started. These include;

1. Choosing the correct pot
Depending on the plant size or the expected growth of a plant at its maturity, choose a pot that will give room for the roots to expand in their growth.

The pot should also have enough holes to drain off excess water which would otherwise cause the pots to rot hence killing the plant. Not all pots come with enough holes, therefore, punch more holes on pots you find necessary.

2. Choose the right kind of soil with the correct nutrient balance
Gathering dirt from the ground may work if the soil is not too eroded. However, you would still need to add more nutrients to the soil before planting your seedlings to ensure enough nutrients supply to the plant.

It is usually best to buy high-quality potting soil as it contains nutrients such as perlite, pet moss, manure, and compost.

Make sure that you fertilize the plant about once every two weeks. Some of the best fertilizers include the fish emulsion. This fertilizer smells horrible, but it yields great results.

3. Water 
All plants need enough water and lighting for nitrification to take place. Water the plants frequently depending on the pot you use. Some pots retain water easily while others absorb the water which makes the plant to require frequent watering.

Ensure that your plants are getting enough sunlight for the sake of photosynthesis. This will ensure they grow healthy.

Besides the above, remember to weed your plants and spray them often to weed off pesticides. Know when it is time to let go of your plant. Everything that has life has to die at some point. Therefore, do not try to revive a plant that has died. Uproot it carefully and dispose of it, then plant a new one.

All the above are tips for a fantastic container garden. But the most important one of them is affection. Show your plants affection. Talk to them calmly and sweetly as you tend to them. The results are always magical.