How Urban Gardening Benefits Your Community

In this article, we will be going over ten ways that urban gardening can benefit you and those around you and in your community. Everything from a community space to an office to a rooftop garden, someone who is a real urban gardener and is concerned about the environment will grow just about anywhere that they can. You will know them when you see them!

1. Urban gardening, no matter what form it is in, reduces carbon emissions
When you grow your food and provide a chance for others to buy it for you, multiple things are happening. First of all, you are reducing the carbon footprint placed on the earth. Did you know that almost every meal you have ever eaten, on average, has traveled over 4,000 miles just to get on your table? Think about how much carbon emissions are being saved when you provide a chance for people to purchase food locally. Trucks do not have to be the “middlemen” when it comes to delivering food, especially food that is healthy and good, to your table.

Not only this but you are also making it healthier for the environment by creating more plants and more spaces for crops to be grown. This also means that you are turning a revenue for yourself, which is always a good thing. In addition to this, you are also providing jobs for your local community, because more jobs mean more people were working, people benefit by having a job and can, in turn, give back to the community. 

2. Innovation grows rapidly
Because so many cities faces and other urban areas lack the proper space for Farms to be expansively grown Urban farmers in the lentils who want to give Back To Nature, are forced to learn how to create new techniques for for for Farming. This also includes hanging gardens, the rooftop of gardens, Vertical Gardens, and the list goes on and on.

3. It creates jobs
We previously on how Urban farming creates jobs. Well, let me expand on this. The more opportunities to work in the local community you have translates directly to more jobs, and more employment.

This means that people can give back to their community in a way that benefits not only them but the people around them as well. Especially in areas quote such as big cities and quote where poverty and hunger are such wildly overflowing issues Urban Gardens and Community Gardens are excellent sources of both income and food for all.

4. The food quality is far higher
Another area where Urban farming can be a boon is in the quality of the food that it provides. A lot of small local restaurants will tend to Source their ingredients locally, as much as they can, especially for more rare types of foods and herbs.

A lot of fancy restaurants tend to prefer natural, organic, grass-fed chicken as opposed to the kind of chicken or other meat that you can get in a store. The quality of food is so much higher, because it is far fresher and is grown in the local temperature and climate, and does not have to be sprayed with or injected with or grown with different kinds of chemicals and other harmful materials.