Growing Microgreens For Profit

What are Microgreens?
Microgreens are the seedlings of edible vegetables and herbs and are extremely small in size. They may also be used as toppings in some salads. Initially, only 4-5 varieties of microgreens existed, which have now increased up to 25.

Microgreens are also known to fill in and bridge all gaps present in our daily dietary intake. Basil, radish, broccoli, and cabbage are the most common and most popular microgreens.

They come in plenty of flavors and colors. Purple radish, for instance, is ready for harvesting in 6 days and tastes as spicy as a radish does. Though it’s slightly on the more expensive side, it is something to give a try. Microgreens are also not available everywhere and can be a little difficult to find too.

How are they grown?
Microgreens are easily grown indoors with very little equipment. They need only a plastic shallow container with holes at the bottom to allow water to drain out. A pre-packaged salad box is an ideal container for this purpose. This is enough for sprouting and domestication on a small scale.

These seeds are then kept in a moist place and allowed to grow. As soon as they sprout, they are moved to a sunny location, and then these microgreens will be ready in 8-14 days

For growing and marketing microgreens commercially on a large scale, there is a lot more work involved. It is a tedious process involving financial investment too along with labor. Buckwheat is one of the most popular microgreens grown for commercial purpose. Since microgreens are pretty expensive to purchase, it is better to grow them indoors to avoid maintenance costs.

What are their Benefits and Profits?
Microgreens take nothing more than a maximum of two weeks to grow. These seeds need both soil and sunlight to flourish. They can be grown all over the year with proper care. They can also be grown indoors.

Microgreens are not only used in salads but are also used in smoothies and juices. A delicious and nutritious salad of colored microgreens can prove to be a great kick-start for the day. They are low maintenance and colorful. They also look pretty adorable and can be used as live decoration too.

A recent study also states that microgreens like cabbage and broccoli contain 40 times more nutrition and higher levels of vital necessities than their major counterparts. All the people need to include these in their daily diet.