Garden Options for a Small Space

If you want to grow your own vegetables and crops in your backyard, you don’t need to have a lot of space to do all that. Here are some tips to grow a prosperous garden in a small space

Utilize the Upper Space
Man crops can be trimmed to grow up trellises, poles, or even lattices on the wall. You can use any kind of support as long as it’s sturdy enough to support a plant. You can also use planter boxes of different sizes and stack them together strategically to make a vertical garden. When choosing the crops to grow, think about plants that can be trained to grow upwards. Peas, pole beans, and cucumbers are all good options you can consider.

Use Container Planting
Virtually all vegetables can be grown in a container, as long as the container is big enough. You can make a box out of anything; old window frames, old tubs put together to make a box. Wheelbarrows make great containers as well.

Before you make your container box, consider the size of the plant; how wide and tall it will get as well as the depth and size of the root system. You can get this information on seed packets- a good seed company puts this information on the package. You can also research your favorite crop. Once you have set up or bought the right container, fill it with good potting soil and place it in a spot that receives full sun for at least six hours a day. Ensure that you water it consistently. Look at some container garden ideas here.

Use Dwarf or Compact Varieties
When choosing plants, ensure you choose the varieties that are marked container, baby, patio, or dwarf. These varieties are made specifically for small areas or containers. This doesn’t restrict you to vegetables alone. You can grow fruits as well as there are dwarf varieties of citrus, apple, pear, and peach trees that do well in containers.

Use Companion Planting
Companion planting simply means planting crops next to each other that have mutual benefit such as providing a shading, adding nutrients to the soil, or acting as a natural pest control. Lettuce is a great companion plant as it prefers less direct sun hence it is bit more shade tolerant. Therefore, planting lettuce beneath your taller crops will help them thrive during the hot seasons. You can also think of other shade tolerant plants and plant them under the taller ones. Such crops include mustard greens, chard, cabbage, spinach, and parsley.

NOTE; at the end of it all, like any animate being, crops respond to love. So the more nurture and care you put in, the better the results.