Best Produce to Grow on Your Patio


As part of your sheltered outdoor space, a patio keeps you safe from the elements while at the same time allowing you some fresh drift and a view of the outside world. However, for those who are always looking to make some good use of their outdoor living space, it’s not a bad idea to grow some good produce within the area. Keep in mind that you are operating in a sheltered area with little space, so do not forget to choose crops that do well in crammed places and that can flourish without the maximum glare of the sun.

Let’s look at some produce that would do well for the patio;

There is a whole bunch of people out there that would grow potatoes in their patios but are discouraged by the notion that this plant requires lots of space to grow. Of course, nothing could be further from the truth. All your potato plant will need is a soil that is deep and loose. You will simply need to find deep containers and make deep allowances for tubers within said containers. For a 40 liter container,  you will need three suckers, as you are going to have to think about a little spacing for each one to develop.

This crawling fruit has been grown in porches for ages now. Apart from it creating a good shelter, it is impressive to look at and gives you some juicy fruits to munch on over the summer. The passion fruit does not grow solid trunks or branches and has growth patterns that are easy to manipulate. What this means is that you can move it over to the side of the porch you want it to belong. You can also get rid of it easily when you choose to. Additionally, due to its weak stems and roots, the passion fruit will not compromise on the structural integrity of your house.

Think of the lush green leaves, the impressive tendrils and the rich red color these bulbous vegetables are known for. Now, imagine them growing and thriving in or around your patio. The tomato is the ultimate patio crop. All you have to do is find the right containers and support the plant when it starts crawling and spreading. You will also need to spray your tomato plants from time to time. If you do not have containers in your possession, then you can simply opt for simple grow bags or hanging baskets-whatever works best for your couch, go for it as long as your crop will get sufficient soil and water.